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We are a full-service internet marketing agency that specializes in increased online traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo to businesses with search engine optimization (SEO). Here at Big League Consulting we only speak with actions that give results to our customers. We just win.

1st Page Domination

Not only are we going to get your website on page one, but we also want to take over as many spots as possible. We want to blanket page one with multiple web properties concerning your brand, which makes you more authoritative to Google and future customers as well.

No Contracts

We don’t believe in locking down new clients into six to twelve month contracts. You have the freedom of choice working with us. Earning your business each month is our top priority.

Return On Investment

Double down on yourself or your business and you’ll always succeed long term. The strategies we provide are long term. We aren’t interested in any short-term strategies or quick hacks. Also, our services are priced so well that you can make an ROI with just a few extra sales a month.

Open Door Policy

You won’t have to trust your business to a faceless employee. We answer our phones and reply to our emails. We’re here to serve you in the best way possible, so if you have any questions, problems, or updates on current issues, we will be happy to hear from you.

Monthly Reports

You will receive a monthly report with ranking updates and any additional information that’s critical to your business success. We will also keep you updated and advised with any recommendations to help your online business presence stay current.


We keep ourselves informed about the internet marketing industry by the world’s best SEOs so you can benefit from that fruitful knowledge first hand.

No Outsourcing

We believe all of our work should be done in-house by our professional internet marketers rather than cutting corners to save a few dollars.

Increased Exposure

We will make sure your business is seen prominently within the search engine rankings for your top keywords.

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Best Digital Marketing Experts

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Listed below are two prime keywords we’ve ranked above all our competitors on Page One of Google for. According to Search Engine Land, 64% of all internet traffic comes from organic search and 75% of users never search past page one! We will provide similar results to your online presence as well, so you can reap these rewards.

Choosing A Columbus Ohio Seo Company

When choosing the best SEO Company in Columbus, be careful of which company you decide to do business with. Every passing day your competition is pouncing on your prospective customers and taking your earnings.

Here are five ideas that will assist you to limit the search for a budget-friendly, able, and competent candidate:

1. The Size of Your Business

When you’re picking an Ohio SEO company, make sure they offer customers various cost points for different sized businesses. Every business has to reach out to prospective consumers with marketing methods that are ideal for their own particular business, not a cookie-cutter formula for everyone.

2. Keyword Optimization Strategies

The keyword optimization on your website is an important part of how the search engine bots rank your site’s pages. Also, it shows how efficiently the consumer will find your website during a keyword search. At Big League Consulting, your material is first analyzed, then the keywords are reviewed, and the best ones are suggested to increase your page ranking.

3. The Best Customer Service

As you begin working with any local internet marketing agency, you want to feel secure, knowing they’re available to help you when issues or concerns develop. Not only will you get responses to your questions promptly, but the best search engine optimization firms will be able to expect your problems and offer you expert guidance for growing your exposure online.

4. Time is Money

When you have an onslaught of competition in your particular niche trying to beat you, strategy is key. You must conserve your time by hiring a professional internet marketer to work on your web presence to maximize your efficiency. Our experts at Big League Consulting deal with enhancing your website’s page rankings so you can focus your efforts on other projects created to grow your business.

5. Paying for a Quality Service

It takes effort for a search engine optimization company to develop methods, find top-ranking keywords with traffic and make it look easy. While you shouldn’t presume to get bargain prices on these digital marketing services, you shouldn’t need to pay the highest price either. Our SEO agency charges a reasonable amount for their extraordinary service and stand behind their work.

We have included a screenshot of a page 1 ranking against some of our competition. Since we can do this against our competition, which utilizes search engine optimization specifically, imagine what we can do for your business!

If your website is on page two and beyond, you’re losing money to your competitors that rank higher than you. You might be thinking, why do I need an SEO Expert in Columbus? Considering that smartphones have replaced phone books in many homes, most people will rely on desktop and mobile searches to find nearby businesses when they need them.

We can assist you with getting your website mobile optimized and discovered on Google so that you can surpass your competition. We’d like to supply you with a complimentary video analysis; which will provide you with an honest evaluation of the modifications we would make to enhance your business. Fill out our discovery form to get started today!

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